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Outside Play Area Blog 2010

Redesigning the wildlife area

Our wildlife and pond area had gradually become overgrown and unusable. But now with the enthusiasm of one parent and the prospect of obtaining some funding, we have developed this space into a great environment for play and learning.

Friday 18th September 2010

The main areas of both the play area and wildlife are complete. A crab apple has been planted by Sheila Bonfield to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

The pond
The maturing pond

Outside play area
The pond area

Jim & Sheila Bonfield
After the tree planting

Wednesday 5th August 2010

The pond is becoming established, and the grass needs cutting. The post wall is in place and some plants have now been added. Bees, butterflies and a dragonfly have all been busy around the area today and the cows came to oversee the project.

Friendly neigbours
Friendly neighbours

The pond

Pond area
Dividing post wall in place

Monday 13th July 2010

The bark pathway is in place and the grass seed, thanks to some timely rain and sunshine is growing well.

The area ready for planting
The area ready for the path

Bark path is finished
The bark path is laid

Over the fence
The grass is growing well

Thursday 2nd July 2010

The bark arrives for the path and with some volunteer help is laid.

The bark arrives
The bark arrives

Digging out the path

Digging out the path

The grass seed is sown

The grass seed is sown

Tuesday 16th June 2010

The Safety Rubber Matting goes down.

The rubber matting is down

The safety matting is in place

Rubber safety matting

A hard working little helper


Tuesday 9th June 2010

The final clearing is done and the pond has been put in place thanks to Gavin, Tara, Big Luke and Little Luke.

The final clearing
Last of the clearing

Put the pond in place
Putting the pond in place

Filling the Pond
Filling the pond

The dragonfly has landed
The dragonfly has landed

The pond has arrived
The pond has arrived

the wall is cleared
The wall is cleared of ivy

Wednesday 13th May 2010

The clearing of the site has begun thanks to Gavin and Tara and the Wildwoods Digger.

Where do we start

Where do we start?

Starting work

The Digger moves in

Getting started

Down to business

cleared area

The cleared main area

Main area cleared

Levelling the site

The pond area cleared

The pond area nearly cleared

Saturday 21st March 2010

With volunteer help the cut down undergrowth is removed and taken away by tractor and trailer.

Ready for loading

Ready to load

Loading the trailer

Loading the trailer

Clearing round the pond

Clearing around the pond

Removing the tree

Removing the tree

Volunteer help

Volunteer help

Almost cleared

Almost cleared

Saturday 7th March 2010

Work begins with the clearing of the undergrowth and cutting down of the old bushes and tree.

Looking across to the pond

The clearing has started

Clearing the site

Tree cut down ready for logs

Clearing the site

Overgrowth awaiting clearing

Overgrown pond

Our overgrown pond