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The Nimble Weaver

Little spider on a thread

Spinning at your sticky web,

Silently you wind each strand,

Weave it to a pattern planned.

Nimble weaver,

Hear me sigh
All that work to catch a fly!



































































































Outside Play Area Blog 2011

Redesigning the wildlife area

Our wildlife and pond area had gradually become overgrown and unusable. But now with the enthusiasm of one parent and the prospect of obtaining some funding, we have developed this space into a great environment for play and learning.

Tuesday 27th September 2011

It is now the start of the Autumn term and we have started to tidy the garden. The pumpkins and beans have grown well throughout the summer and today they were picked and the growing box cleared. The Teasels now tower above the pond area and the crab apple tree that we planted when the area was opened, is now full of fruit. Today the bird feeders were filled ready for our feathered friends.

Picking Pumpkins picking pumpkins picking beansPicking beans
picking pumpkins picking pumpkins

picking pumpkins

Picking the pumpkins


The teasels by the pond


Our three pumpkins

Outside area

The outside area

Crab apple treeThe Crab apple tree full of fruit


Monday 27th June 2011

Now in its second year our outdoor area is beginning to mature, the pond is busy with pond skaters and the birds have fed all winter on the seeds and nuts.

The children have planted beans and strawberries and put out bug boxes in the hope of attracting lots of insects.

Our pond 2011

One year on

Wild Flowers

Growing beans

Attracting insects


Tuesday 11th May 2011

As the warmer weather has arrived the willow has started growing, the pond area is beginning to come back to life and the new grass has had its first cut of the year. The new planter has been constructed and will soon be filled with compost ready to start planting up.

Growing willow Pond in  bloom Sprouting Willow

Monday 8th February 2011

Spring is on it's way. The bulbs we planted in the autumn term have already started to appear and the bird feeders are now always busy, but not just with birds as our friendly neighbourhood squirrel pays us a daily visit. The willow has arrived and today we made a dome, we're looking forward to watching it grow into a shady hiding place.

Spring bulbs
Spring bulbs appearing


finished dome
Taking shape


willow ceiling
Looking up to the sky

Willow dome

Completed Willow dome