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The Nimble Weaver

Little spider on a thread

Spinning at your sticky web,

Silently you wind each strand,

Weave it to a pattern planned.

Nimble weaver,

Hear me sigh
All that work to catch a fly!



































































































Outside Play Area Blog 2012

Redesigning the wildlife area

Our wildlife and pond area had gradually become overgrown and unusable. But now with the enthusiasm of one parent and the prospect of obtaining some funding, we have developed this space into a great environment for play and learning.

Tuesday 1st May 2012

There are signs of new growth all around our wildlife area, the strawberries already have some flowers and the willow has new shoots waiting to be tied in. The pond is also coming to life with lots of pond skaters and water boatmen enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

pond 2012 strawberry plants strawberry plants in their container
willow 2012 spring 2012