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The Nimble Weaver

Little spider on a thread

Spinning at your sticky web,

Silently you wind each strand,

Weave it to a pattern planned.

Nimble weaver,

Hear me sigh
All that work to catch a fly!



































































































Daisies by IrisOutside Play Area Blog 2013

Redesigning the wildlife area

Our wildlife and pond area had gradually become overgrown and unusable. But now with the enthusiasm of one parent and the prospect of obtaining some funding, we have developed this space
into a great environment for play and learning.

Wednesday 19th June 3013

It was a time for a tidy up in our raised bed, so we set about clearing out the old plants and replacing them with our pumpkins plants which look a bit sickly, but we're hoping they will soon pick up. With some willing helpers the job was soon completed, the old plants were put onto our compost and once the pumpkins were in, they were given lots and lots of water.
The strawberries are getting bigger, they are still green so we're hoping with some sun they will soon ripen.

The Daisies and the Iris are now out in the area around the pond where we stood today and watched the pond-skaters moving between the water lily leaves.

tidying the garden planting the pumpkins
wild life area strawberries


Thursday 3rd May 2013

The short spell of lovely warm sunshine has encouraged the blossom to come out on the crab apple and the cowslip is flowering by the pond. The willow is thickening up nicely and having being tied in again, is now forming a lovely little den. We have recently purchased a small plastic greenhouse and a wooden composter which the children have enjoyed helping put together.

Having planted our pumpkin seeds a few weeks ago they had suddenly grown and were in need of being transplanted into individual pots. We took advantage of a nice sunny afternoon and the replanting was soon done. We have also sown some tomato and nasturtiums seeds and we have chitted some potatoes, these will also be ready to be planted in the next few weeks.

We have also found out who has been stealing all the bird nuts!

pumpkins repotting
repotting potted up

Tuesday 15th January 2013

With the wintry sun breaking through for the first time for days, it was great to look around the wildlife area and see the daffodils that had been planted by one of our Mums have come through, and many with flower buds already showing.

The willow has once again gone wild, so another tying in session needs to be planned along with a general tidy up around the pond which is full to the brim, not surprising after all the rain we have had. This morning the edge of the pond was frozen and there were traces of snow around the path.

We still have a couple of strings of conkers hanging on the fence, we had more but the cheeky squirrels decided it was a game made for them.

We have already spotted, blackbirds, robins and wrens in the garden this morning, so we made a note to check the feeders every day.


Strings of conkers Spring bulbs the pond

Sheep following the farmer
the sheep