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The Nimble Weaver

Little spider on a thread

Spinning at your sticky web,

Silently you wind each strand,

Weave it to a pattern planned.

Nimble weaver,

Hear me sigh
All that work to catch a fly!


































































Daisies by IrisOutside Play Area Blog 2015

Redesigning the wildlife area

Our wildlife and pond area had gradually become overgrown and unusable. But now with the enthusiasm of one parent and the prospect of obtaining some funding, we have developed this space
into a great environment for play and learning. We have now obtained some extra funding through Torbay Community Development Trust which has enabled to purchase a greenhouse and provide a base for our sandpit in this area.

November 2015

With all of our hyacinth bulbs planted, it was time to take advantage of a dry day and start to tidy up all the leaves in the garden.
Our bird feeders have been so busy with a variety of visiting birds including Robins, Blue and Great Tits and we have even been lucky enough to attract a Nuthatch, who is happy to come in close to our window.

Filling up the compost tidying the leaves


September 2015

With autumn arriving quickly we have started to tidy up our garden and pick the tomatoes that have grown really well over the holiday. The squash are still small so will stay in the growing area for as long as they can.
We have washed out our bird feeders and they are now full and hung up ready for our autumn visitors. Phil the pheasant is always somewhere nearby as we hear his distinctive call most days.

filling the bird feeders hanging up the bird feeders
our tomatoes our squash


May 2015

After some sun and careful watering our radishes, beans and squash are starting grow very quickly.

beans squash


March 2015

At last we've been able to start planting our seeds, this year we saved enough Morrisons vouchers to get seeds, compost, and some bird houses.

Our seeds. ready for action


January/February 2015

After a delay in starting due to bad weather, we soon got the area where our new greenhouse is to be situated cleared and ready for the ground work to begin. Within no time, thanks to a very hard working volunteer, our greenhouse was erected and ready for us to start planting our seeds. The girls enjoyed unpacking our new watering cans ready to go in the greenhouse.

greenhouse corner clearing the site
Greenhouse new watering cans