Parent Feedback

We always welcome feedback from parents to enable us to maintain and improve our standards of care. Below you can see some of the recent feedback we have received.

Feedback comments

All three of my children have gone to this Pre-School over the past six years. Lovely staff and setting. So much time given to the children. They have all done really well and I would always recommend this Pre-School, I will miss bringing the children here.

July 2019, EP

My children have had an amazing time attending Collaton Pre-School. All the staff are lovely, caring attentive and excellent at their jobs.
The amount of hard work and dedication that they put into each child is amazing. All the staff are like second mothers to all the children and the bond they make is beautiful. I couldn't have asked more for any better people to care for my child whilst at Pre-School.

July 2019, K W

M has enjoyed every minute of her time with you, with the support and encouragement you have given her she has learnt such a lot and we are all so sad that she has finished her time with you.
Thank you all so much for everything you have a done, I cannot fault a single thing.

July 2019, L D

Collaton St Mary Pre-School and its phenomenal staff have cared for, taught and loved our two children over the last seven years and we cannot praise them and thank them enough. They have a personal and close connection with each child that is remembered years after that child has left their care. They are fiercely attentive to both parents and children and our children have adored their time there. Toys and friends aside it's the staff that makes the difference. Every parent is nervous about leaving their child with 'other' adults for the first time, and we were no exception. But we had absolutely nothing to worry about as there was always a pair of arms to cuddle or a big smile to cheer up and distract our sometimes inevitably worried little ones (or us worried adults!)
The creative projects made at Pre-School all have pride of place at home. It is a delight to be taught new games and songs by your child, who has learnt them at Pre-School and is excited to share them with you.
The trips to Forest School and Whitley Court have been strokes of genius in showing our little people a bit more of the wider world and the chance to come and help as a volunteer on some of these trips provides a thrilling opportunity to see how our children behave outside the family environment.

July 2019, L & M