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As the Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) for Collaton St Mary Pre-School, it is our job to liaise with parents and special advisors, for example pre-school advisory teachers, speech and language therapists. This ensures the inclusion of every child so that they are able to participate fully in all the activities we provide.
At Collaton we feel every child is special, but with our experience and knowledge through ongoing training we are able to offer support to any child and their individual needs.

Jayne and Alison

Key Person

When your child starts at Pre-School they will be assigned a key person. The role of the key person is to support your child throughout their time at Pre-School. Once a term they will arrange to have an informal chat with you about your child’s progress, discussing ways to move your child on to the next step. You do not however have to wait until this meeting to ask about your child, as your child’s key person is also available at any time to chat and answer any queries you may have.





The Pre-School Team

Willow shelterWith six members of staff we can offer a high ratio of adults to children, which enables us to provide stimulating activities in all areas of the curriculum and work in small groups and on a one-to-one basis where appropriate. The staff work as a team, with each member (listed below), having the responsibility for a specific area to ensure the efficient day-to-day running of the Pre-School. We have a designated SENCO, Health and Safety/Hygiene Officer, Child Safeguarding and Behavioural Management Advisors. With all full time members of staff having First Aid Certificates, the Pre-School has First Aid cover at all times.

Julia Yarrell Pre-School Manager/Supervisor
Alison Scarlett Deputy Supervisor & SENCO
Jayne Jones Administrator & SENCO
Lesley Gosling Pre-School Assistant
Jennifer Langdon Pre-School Assistant
Chantelle Lane Pre-School Assistant

It is the policy of the Pre-School to encourage all members of staff to attend regular professional training.