Wildlife Garden and Growing Area

Winter 2023/24

It has been a very long wet winter this year so we haven't been able to do very much in our gardening area other than keep it tidy, feed the birds and do some repairs to our bug hotel. We have kept our worms wrapped up well and only fed them occasionally as they have become sleepy in the cold weather. The daffodil bulbs that we planted late have all started to shoot, so we are hoping for some late spring blooms.
We were pleased that our Christmas Tree was able to come inside and be decorated towards the end of the autumn term and it is now back outside waiting to be re-potted.

Although it has been bleak outside, we had some great news. We have received some grant funding which has enabled us to buy a new raised bed to replace our old broken one, a new compost bin and a water butt for the shed so we have easy access to watering in the greenhouse.



Summer 2023

We sowed our sunflower seeds just before our Easter break and were really pleased with how quickly the seedlings appeared. We had to cover them in the greenhouse as we had a little mouse that liked to have a nibble of the new leaves. So that we knew which was our sunflower we all draw a picture that was turned into an individual label. We have taken it in turns to water the seedlings.

Our strawberry plants produced some fruit but the birds spotted them before we had chance to have them for snack!

This year we have grown potatoes for the first time and have been amazed how fast they have grown. Each time the leaves appear we have covered them over with more compost and the leaves grow up within days.

We cleared our raised bed and mended the sides before adding some more compost and manure. We then planted our two pumpkin plants and some ornamental gourds at the back, which we hope  will grow up the frame that we have made to support them.

This year we again used our wildlife area for some forest school activities, setting up camp, making pictures and weavings from things found on our scavanger hunts and making some more bug boxes.