Collaton St Mary Pre-School

Registered Charity No 1164816

Wildlife Garden and Growing Area

Late October

We decided it was time to pick our two pumpkins before our half term holiday and weigh them. Our smaller pumpkin weighed over 4lb and our large pumpkin was an amazing 1stone and 4lb. We are planning to carve them for Halloween and have some delicious pumpkin pie. Our strawberry plants have sent out runners so we have bought some compost to fill some pots and pin the small plants down and hope to have lots of new plants for next year. We have also been watering our small christmas tree through the year that we bought last year, and it has grown with lots of new shoots.

September, the start of the autumn term

We are excited to be back in our garden after the summer break. The Willow has really grown despite being cut back and reshaped and the waterlily in the pond has been in flower throughout the last few weeks. The children have been really suprised at the size of the pumpkins that have grown throughout the 7 weeks. We have picked the two apples that grew on the apple tree we planted in the spring and we all shared them at snack time.In the greenhouse the last of the tomatoes are ripening and we plan to pick them this week. We will soon be raking up the leaves for the compost and planting some bulbs to flower in the spring.

End of term and into the summer holiday

By the end of term our pumkins had really started to get big, we had two large cucumbers on our plants and some of the tomatoes had begun to ripen. The pond area was begining to be completely full of oxeye daises, flowering nettles, lavenders and other wild flowers. In the pond our waterlily had produced three flowers, we even managed a bit of pond dipping. The two apples on the tree were also beginning to grow. We have continued to water the plants throughout the summer and our pumkins are growing daily so we are hoping by Halloween they will be huge!



All of our plants have been growing very quickly and so we needed to planted out three of our biggest pumpkin plants into our raised bed. When we took the plants out of their pots we could see all of the roots curled around. We repotted our tomatoes and designed some labels so we knew what all the different plants were. Our pumkin plants soon started to spread and began to flower, quickly followed by some small pumkins. Sadly our strawberries only produced a couple of fruit which some greedy snail had a bite of before we could try them! We all sowed a sunflower seed and most of them had grown taller than us by the end of term.


Early Summer

Our tomato, cucmber and pumpkin seeds have all now sprouted and have started to grow into strong little plants. We have been watering them frequently and keeping them warm in the greenhouse. The strawberry plants have started to grow lots more leaves and the new herbs we planted have started to fill out the box. We had fun one day watching one of the cows trying to eat our bird food out of the feeder over the wall and had a big suprise with a couple of visiting sheep who would hop over the wall into our garden!



With the willow back in shape we started planning what we would like to grow this year. We discussed choosing a tree that we could plant in a pot as part of the nationwide tree planting emphasis for this year. The children decided they would like an apple tree, so we ordered a Lord Lambourne and it now stands proudly next to our greenhouse. We also ordered some tomato and cucumber seeds and Laura bought some pumpkin seeds. We have planted out some strawberry plants and hope that we may get some strawberries by the end of the summer. One of our daily tasks is to check the bird feeders as we have many birds visiting our garden and one of our regular visitors is the pheasant who likes to pick up the seed that has fallen.

Early spring

We have been very busy during the Spring term tidying up our wildlife garden area in particular around our pond. Our willow dome has also needed to have some urgent pruning and reshaping but we are hoping it will soon grow back into shape.