Collaton St Mary Pre-School

Registered Charity No 1164816

Sessions for vulnerable children and key workers' children

We have finally today received some clarity around those children who we can offer care for as long as the Pre-School can remain operationally viable. We will be open next week for both vulnerable children and children of key workers. However the government guidance makes clear that if parents are able to look after children in these groups safely at home, then this is the best option. We appreciate parents’ help with this to ensure we minimise the number of children needing care and lowering the risk of passing on the virus.

We will be prepare an Easter pack for all our pre-school children by the start of next week and these will be either sent or delivered to you. Our aim is then to continue sending out packs every two weeks after the Easter holiday and we will be providing a specific place on our website where we can share resources. More details of that to follow.

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